is a /brand - that defines

as way to |express| #ourselves ,

a #tool to convey
]messages[ , communicate and ||| absorb


______ I n s i d ē / THE BODY AS MEDIUM

THE BODY AS MEDIUM is a brand that defines body as way to express ourselves, a tool to convey messages, communicate and absorb energy. 

The complexity and the vulnerability of the relationship between a person and his/her body are clear. It manifests itself at different levels over the space, time and within the society in which he or she lives. Therefore it causes a constant research of those distinctive features, in terms of beauty and uniqueness, for each individual, while satisfying gender specifics constants. Hence the body becomes, at the same time, subject & object: a unique vector of expression. The body is then a magnificent instrument to perform actions with which to test physical and mental limits.

Our products are created with the goal to bring attention to the beauty of each body, using apparel and accessories to re-dress the individual, in the same way a painter would express his/her concept of beauty over a blank canvas.